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Products and Services

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Mach 2 Underwriters provides insurance through aviation specialist brokers around the United States.

Aircraft Coverage Limits

Mach 2 offers the following limits on aircraft.

Aircraft Hulls up to $3,000,000

Aircraft Liability up to $5,000,000

Aircraft Risks Covered

Mach 2 insures most types of small general aviation aircraft for a variety of uses.

Piston, Turbine & Jet Aircraft



Experimental and Antique Aircraft

Flying Clubs

Flight Schools

Charter & Sightseeing

Aerial Photography, Mapping and Survey

Airport General Liability Coverage Limits

Mach 2 offers the following limits:

Premises Liability up to $5,000,000

Products & Completed Operations up to $2,000,000

Hangarkeepers Liability up to $3,000,000

Airport Risks Covered

Mach 2 insures a variety of airport owners and tenants.

Small Airport Owners

Aircraft Repair & Service

Fuel Sales

Aircraft Washing & Detailing

Non-Critical Parts Manufacture

Hangar Owners

Aircraft Operators

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Forms and Applications

Complete, signed applications are required for all new business policies and when there has been a significant change in limits or exposures covered.  Please use the links to the right to download Mach 2 Underwriters application forms.  You may also submit most other aircraft or airport GL applications provided they include the same information as that requested in the Mach 2 Underwriters application(s).